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While 79% of leaders in both the private and public sectors anticipate levels of complexity to increase significantly in the years ahead, fewer than half feel that their organisation are equipped to deal with that growing complexity.

(Source: IBM’s 2010 Report “Capitalising on Complexity – Insights from the Global CEO Study”)

Whether it is a merger, the creation of a new business strategy, a reorganisation or an initiative to transform the company culture, the sad truth is that the vast majority of change programmes fail. Significant amounts of money, time and other resources are committed to programmes that never achieve their intended impact.

Anaspring Consulting builds long-term relationships with leaders and their organisations to enable them to deal with the complex challenges and constant change that they face.

Our “whole systems approach” sees organisations as evolving and integrated networks of people and relationships. This enables us to work closely with clients to identify the untapped potential and value that exist within their organisation, and then design work programmes to use those precious qualities to generate sustainable success.

Personal contact with leadership teams and others responsible for strategy and execution allows us to deploy our innovative system assessment tools and techniques. This initial process reveals the changes that are needed or which are trying to happen – and enables our clients to benefit from the intelligence and resources available from many different parts of their organisation or project.

Combining our expertise with that of our clients, we build on the results of the systems assessment to consciously design an integrated organisational development programme. Practical, focused work with individuals, teams and groups right across the organisation, builds awareness, change mastery and alignment around values and vision. Roles are clarified and support structures formed to make the change sustainable from within.

Developing internal expertise and capacity while growing a productive and purposeful corporate culture is the route to sustaining success. Colleagues collaborate to both achieve today’s targets and to create the time and space for changes to take root and grow. Change agents equipped with the skills needed to lead effectively emerge at all levels of the organisation. Silos begin to dissolve as an agile and flexible organisational architecture emerges, one capable of responding to and intelligently navigating any change. Reactive short-termism is replaced by creative, values-driven strategies and operational plans as the levels of staff and customer satisfaction increase.

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