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Executive coaching

Effective leaders are the mainstay of any successful organisation: people who combine a range of intelligences to identify what is needed and inspire others to collaborate in the pursuit of meaningful, shared goals.

With change a constant companion, Anaspring Consulting’s leadership coaches help leaders to:

  •  develop their leadership capacity to respond creatively to a wide range of situations;
  •  raise awareness of personal impact and create a strategy to achieve the desired impact ;
  •  grow their executive presence ;
  •  create powerful partnerships within and outside their organisation thus widening their sphere of influence ;
  •  ground their decisions and actions on personal strengths, vision and values ;
  •  use coaching as a management style and grow the people they lead;
  •  achieve their goals aligned with the organisation's overall vision.

Creating a strong, collaborative relationship within a judgement free environment, our expert coaches and leadership consultants use innovative feedback and assessment tools to clarify clients’ goals, guiding principles and current level of leadership performance. Agreed outcomes from the development process serve as benchmarks for success.

Coach and leader agree a clear an effective development pathway with the focus on identifying the mental models and behaviours that need to be refined or transformed to improve performance and enable creative leadership.

Regular coaching sessions support the integration of new leadership skills and practices. Skills transfer is supported by insightful feedback from a coach committed to the leader’s success with results including the growth of emotional and social intelligence, effective communication skills, change mastery and leadership abilities.

Once the coaching agreement is complete and agreed outcomes achieved, Anaspring Consulting’s partners and practitioners remain available to offer continued support and leadership expertise to both individual leaders and their leadership teams.

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