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Leadership development

When it comes to leadership development, we live what we preach. Each member of our team has undertaken a year long experiential leadership programme during which they learnt key leadership competencies and developed themselves as leaders. They also have proven experience in working as leaders inside organisations.

We design and facilitate customised programmes to grow the leadership potential of your organisation. Together with you, we define a set of leadership competencies that are critical to your organisation’ strategy. We then adapt the content of the programme to improve those competencies and to serve emerging and senior leaders.

Our leadership programmes are complemented by 360-degree assessments and feedback of individual leaders and consequent leadership coaching to improve further leaders’ effectiveness.

We also help you define a leadership competency framework and create a leadership culture that best serve your bottom line.

We strongly believe that today's challenges call for organisations to empower their people to take responsibility for their work and their impact and to create a culture of leadership at all levels

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