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Our Approach

We work closely with clients to understand and appreciate their unique circumstances – and the potential they possess that can be harnessed and enhanced.

We use a "whole-system approach" to equip people with the skills they need to build and sustain agile, purposeful and successful organisations.

More specifically, our "whole-system approach" supports our clients to:

●  Develop effective and inspirational leadership capacity;

●  Build and maintain high performing teams;

●  Grow the emotional, social and relationship intelligence of organisations;

●  Learn and nurture the new skills needed to design and lead successful, multi-cultural, globalised organisations;

●  Create a culture of responsibility and accountability for both short-term results and long-term visions;

●  Align around shared goals and a compelling vision for their organisation;

●  Create greater corporate cohesion where silo working is replaced by trust and collaboration;

●  Identify creative solutions to emerging problems – and successfully implement those solutions;

●  Build healthy and sustainable working environments that support the retention and development of talent.

We combine proven feedback and assessment tools, a leading edge systems coaching model and an effective experiential learning approach, to deliver immediate and lasting benefits to people and their organisation.

Some of the tools and methodologies we integrate to deliver these results include:

●  The Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching model (ORSC) developed in the US by CRRGlobal (; 

●  The Co-Active coaching model developed in the US by The Coaches Training Institute (;

●  The proven and successful Team Diagnostic Assessment ( online tool which assesses a team’s level of positivity and productivity by measuring 14 team strengths and points to the areas where a team needs to improve;

● The Leadership Circle Profile: an advanced 360 degree assessment that measures the two primary leadership domains—Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies - and integrates this information so that the key opportunities for development immediately rise to the surface (;    

● The Leadership Cultural Survey: an online tool to assess teams and point to their leadership development;

● Consultancy services grounded in substantial experience of working across cultures and sectors.

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