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Team & Systems coaching

Expert facilitation by certified relationship systems specialists enables teams and workgroups to become aware of their operating patterns and relationship dynamics. From there, exceptional performance becomes more than just a possibility.

By understanding what is going on within a team (or between teams located in different parts of the organisation), we enable the team system to crack the code of its unique way of working. This creates the opportunity to harness the full potential available when diverse knowledge, approaches and skill sets are effectively combined.

Working with the leading edge Organisational & Relationship Systems Coaching model (ORSC) developed by CRR Global, Anaspring Consulting offers programmes for teams and workgroups at all stages in the forming, storming, norming and performing cycle.

Whether caused by personnel changes, the inception of a new project or a strategic review, we facilitate the successful design and launch of new teams and workgroups. We help them create powerful structures to enable effective collaboration by:

  • setting of conscious agreements around operating principles and behaviours;
  • setting of clear, shared goals and priorities.

For existing teams, whether high performers wanting to raise the bar or dysfunctional systems in breakdown, we design development programmes that create and maintain productivity and positivity. Using innovative diagnostic and assessment tools such as the Team Diagnostic Assessment and the Leadership Cultural Survey enables us to design and deliver programmes that suit the team’s specific requirements.

Our workshops, off-sites and in-person or virtual team coaching sessions create teams that are systems aware, aligned around a common purpose, able to communicate effectively and deal with conflicts as they emerge

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